VOIP Telephone Systems

VOIP Telephone systems

XBLUE PABX Telephone Systems

The TECOM XBLUE PABX Telephone system is a fully featured, multi-line Small Business Telephone System ideally suitable for home or small office use. The XBLUE PBX Telephone System provides a powerful level of communication sophistication and efficiency. It is designed to receive up to 6 regular telephone lines. Alternately, 2 of the optional line circuits can be used for VOIP linkup. With a sophisticated design, it can support versatile features, high performance and outstanding capability. Up to 16 fully-functional digital key telephones can be connected to the system more easily than in any other application thus making the XBLUE PABX telephone system the perfect SOHO, SMB and SME communications solution.

See Diagram below for telephone Cabling Layout. 4 x Telephones can be connected on a single cable pair, thus saving cable.



IP PABX IP2061NK - Ideal small business VOIP Telephone System

The IP-Enterprise Telephone system phones are so easy to setup and maintain. Simply plug the phones into a Local Area Network. The VOIP phones will automatically identify each other and interconnect using P2P protocol. The extension numbers, peer-list and even SIP trunk configuration are automatically negotiated/assigned to each phone.

As simple as that; then each phone "extension" becomes a part of a PABX Telephone System without the need for the KSU and you can start to make intercom calls immediately. The process is purely plug and play.

You automatically get business essential PABX-like features such as Auto-Attendant, Voice-Mail, Call Transfer/Forward & Conferencing, all features are delivered by the P2P terminals themselves, without the existence of IP-PBX or any form of call managers.

You could have a new VOIP PABX Telephone system today - with up to 4 Exchange Lines and 16 Extensions.

Exchange lines are connected to the Public Telephone Exhange Network using a service provider such as Pennytel or a host of others at low cost. Alternatively you could use a gateway device such as the TECOM IG6600 or LINKSYS 3102 which are readily available locally.

Some providers will port across your existing phone lines - or you can start afresh with new ones.

If you wish, we can set everything up for you.

Feature-Rich & Easy:
The IP-Enterprise is a innovative, KSU-less, Peer-to-Peer VoIP phone.

Ideal Small Business IP Telephone System

Supports Plug & Play installation
Supports peer phone auto-discovery in the same intranet for intercom call
Minimum 1-Extension to Max* 16 Extensions (expandable via SIP Server)

Supports VOIP standard to connect with VOIP service provider’s IP Centrex

Supports Soft switches for out going calls
Maximum 4 VOIP Trunks
Sophisticated mechanical design to offer excellent audio quality
Quality calls and phone features without the need of IP-PBX or Call server
Large graphic display with dynamic softkey provides easy access for user
Embedded with a LAN switch for PC connection
Support Power over Ethernet
Web Configuration
The IP-Enterprise offers standard SIP protocol for connection with the service providers VOIP accounts to make calls. It is an ideal solution for the SIP service provider to offer to the SMB market.

* You can have virtually unlimited extension via a SIP Server.

Start with 1, 2 or 3 VOIP Phones & add as you grow
Grow up to 16 x Digital Extensions

Couple it with an IG6600 Internet Gateway and you can directly connect your existing PSTN telephone lines

Alternatively, link up with a VOIP Service provider and port across your existing lines

Easy to Install - Saves on hardware - Saves on Specialist Fees
VOIP Telephone System

VOIP Telephone System

VOIP Telephone System

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